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Today we will be reviewing a company owned by GZ Systems Ltd. and founded in 2007, PureVPN. The VPN provider is based in Hong Kong and has the most massive server network (96 VPN servers) in 78 countries around the world. The first reason to trust this VPN service is its zero-logging policy, which means that all your online activities are not recorded, tracked, or stored on the servers of the VPN provider. PureVPN has a large selection of VPN protocols, which all without exception work on each server, among the protocols IKEv2, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), PPTP, and Stealth.

You can connect up to 10 devices to PureVPN at the same time, which is high among other VPN services. PureVPN provides AES 256 encryption, the state-of-the-art solution today, to ensure that your data is transferred securely.

Fans of streaming platforms like Netflix. Disney Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, and others let me make you happy because PureVPN perfectly copes with geo-blocking and allows you access to the content.

But of course, there are some disadvantages of this VPN provider, such as speed, variety of additional features, and so on, which we will consider in detail in this review.

Cheapest priceLogging policyTorrenting policyServers countCustomer supportMoney back guaranteeLocal speed (Avg.)
2.91$No logsPermitted96Email and Live Chat31 days45 Mbps

Privacy & Security


As previously mentioned, PureVPN uses state-of-the-art AES 256 encryption to ensure your privacy and protect you from third parties who want to gain information about your online activities. Public WiFi networks become easy bait for cybercriminals to attack, but PureVPN's traffic, which is routed through an encrypted tunnel, keeps you safe from such attacks, DNS and WerRTC leak tests have also been conducted and the ISP's WAP test was successful.

PureVPN uses a large variety of protocols, including SSTP, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, and Stealth. Recently, the Wireguard protocol has become very popular, which unfortunately will not be available in PureVPN applications. But time-tested Open VPN is still considered as one of the safest and fastest protocols, other presented protocols also have reliable encryption algorithms, but I want to warn you against using PPTP as this is an outdated protocol, which was hacked by NSA a long time ago and it can not guarantee you a safe transmission of your data. Note that all protocols work on all servers without exception, so you do not have to choose separate protocols on individual servers, not all VPN providers offer this possibility.

Logging policy & Jurisdiction


Jurisdiction PureVPN is quite favorable, the company is registered in Hong Kong, which is considered an autonomy of China, but in this territory does not operate inherently in the strict censorship of China. The jurisdiction of Hong Kong involves virtually unlimited access to the Internet, except for porn sites and pirate sites, which is quite logical, the country is allowed VPN, but still there are several articles, which prove that Hong Kong massively monitors its citizens. If the government or other agencies will have a warrant for the submission of information about a VPN user, here, fortunately for us PureVPN can not help, because the service does not store information about the history of visited sites, IP when you connect, all your activities on the Internet becomes anonymous and not confidential thanks to a no-log policy.


Performance (speed & reliability)


Now we will test PureVPN service for speed, a very important point when choosing a VPN provider because if the service reduces your speed at which it is impossible to view the content, the use of such a VPN service is of no use. In testing, we used an independent Speedtest, first, we measured the speed without a VPN connection, it was 60 Mbps when connected to the recommended service of the U.S., our speed was 10.78 Mbps, not very satisfactory results, our speed has dropped to 81%, though is worth because the U.S. is far away from us. Then we manually selected the nearest server from Moldova, the results were better, our speed was 19.86 Mbps, which reduced the original speed by 67%. PureVPN speeds are not lightning-fast, but enough for watching content without buffering, and for downloading torrents there are P2P servers and their speed was quite satisfying.


Features & Usability


Frankly speaking, PureVPN does not have a lot of extra features such as ad blockers, malicious trackers, TOR compatibility, etc., but several features are useful when using the VPN service and increase your security level.

Among them is split tunneling, which lets you choose which part of the traffic should be encrypted through the tunnel and which should be left unencrypted for the local network, i.e. it is one physical connection and you have access to local content and information that is redirected through the encrypted tunnel inside the private virtual network.

There is a function of emergency disconnection, this function is very useful because if you have interrupted the VPN connection for any reason, your data has a great vulnerability and this information leak can be used by hackers, the essence of the emergency disconnection is to disconnect your device from the Internet if the VPN connection was interrupted.

You can also use a dedicated IP address on certain servers, it will belong only to you. You may have a blacklisted IP address that prevents you from accessing certain sites, the dedicated address will solve this problem as the IP address belongs only to you.

Application PureVPN with a nice user interface, informative, here you will find sections with the recommended servers, which will be indicated by their speed, as well as marking P2P, the default protocol is IKEv2, but you can easily change it. There is also a section with frequently asked questions and a section of gifts, which says that within 24 hours you can share a free monthly account with a friend.



Server Location


PureVPN has at its disposal a huge server network consisting of 96 VPN servers in 78 countries, which is a great advantage of the service because if the service provides a large number of servers, it minimizes the load on them.  There are both physical and virtual servers.

List of countries:

Brunei Darussalam, Bermuda, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Belgium, Bangladesh, Barbados, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Angola, Albania, Afghanistan, UAE, South Africa, Vietnam, Cayman Islands, USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, Slovakia, Singapore, Sweden, Serbia, Romania, Portugal, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Poland, Philippines, Panama, Oman, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Nigeria, Malaysia, Mexico, Macao, Monaco, Latvia, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Virgin Iceland, South Korea, Kenya, Japan, Italy, Iceland, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Great Britain, France, Finland, Spain, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Chile, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia.

Streaming &Torrenting


PureVPN is great for streaming and torrenting, it is a well-known fact that some of the most popular streaming sites have learned to detect VPN traffic and immediately block your access to the service because of geographical restrictions and not all VPN providers cope with the opening of access to the site. But PureVPN well showed himself in this point. It easily manages to bypass the geo-blocking services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, as well as the famous service Disney + Hotstar, which does not work outside India, the U.S., Britain and Canada.

Streaming speed was sufficient for watching content without buffering, but not always in Full HD, sometimes the speed on servers is not stable.

Also, PureVPN is good for torrenting, the service has dedicated P2P servers through which you can easily and anonymously download torrents from clients like Vuze, BitTorrent and uTorrent.


Platforms & Devices


PureVPN offers applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, for routers, and there are also applications for Android TV and Fire TV.

All applications have a full arsenal of features with no restrictions, all of them are well optimized with a nice interface. People who are new to VPN, will not experience any particular difficulties and can easily VPN applications on their device, also there are settings for advanced users, but if you still have questions related to the installation, the site guides to installing applications, setting up Kodi and so on, or you can contact support





I liked PureVPN's pricing, considering what the service provides in return, there is also a seven-day free trial for which you will technically pay $0.99. The service has a refund policy of 31 days, during this period it is quite possible to determine for yourself among the advantages and disadvantages, whether it suits you, in any case, if you decide for yourself that for some reason the service does not meet your needs, you can unsubscribe and you will get your money back without problems.

There are three subscription plans to choose from:

1 month - $10.95 per month

1 year - $3.74 per month.

2years - $2.91 per month

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

But it should be noted, if you pay by cryptocurrency, you will not get your money back, it's not refundable, so read the terms and conditions carefully.




Support service I liked the service, there is a live online chat to solve instant problems, support staff are working 24/7, you can also ask for help through the mail, as a rule, the waiting time of the answer is about 6 hours. On the site, you can find brief guides on how to set up routers, Kodi, Android TV, Fire TV and other applications. There is also a section with frequently asked questions and a blog where you can find articles that interest you. All this shows that the service cares about its users and attentively listens to them.

Pros & Cons



No log policy
Strong protection with ultra-modern encryption
Dedicated P2P servers
7-day trial
 Large server network



The dedicated IP address for certain countries only
No ad blocker or malicious trackers
Payment in cryptocurrency is non-refundable


Last edited on Mar 2, 2023